I make no apologies for the length of this blog.  Sometimes, somethings can’t be condensed into a page or two.  Whilst its long, weighty and maybe a little boring, the end result may bring a smile to your face. I recently attended the London Central Employment Tribunal to hear evidence in relation to the Judiciary’s … More Betrayal


What is it about the word change that conjures up so many mixed emotions?  Fear, suspicion, anxiety, anticipation, innovation and excitement all rolled into one simple word. The axis of change and its effects are so wide and varied and yet for many of us it is viewed through such a narrow lens, often shaped … More Emerge

The CARE Scheme

The Career Averaged Revaluated Earnings (CARE) Scheme The CARE 15 scheme is still a defined benefit scheme only this time your pension is calculated by adding a number of pots together which gives you an average earning over the period of your contributions. The accrual rate is set at 55.3 which is lower than the … More The CARE Scheme